Sponsor Levels

Sponsorship Levels

For any sponsorship level pick ONE of the available events listed for that level. For information about that level click on Sponsor Info tab dropdown.

Valentine Program Ad Form (860)


Regular Program Ad Form (1090)
Food/Vending$100Selling food or merchandise per event day
Sampling/Vendor$200Distributing corporate samples per event day, includes website listing
General Sponsorship$500No event selection, includes website and brochure listings
Sapphire Sponsorship$1,000Culinary Cruise
Sandwich Stroll
Bloody Mary Mix-off
Martini Mix-off
Cosmopolitan Mix-off
Margarita Mix-off
Hurricane Mix-off
Team Trivia
Ice Carving
Kids Karnival
Ruby Sponsorship$2,000Chili & Chowder Cook-offs
Hammond Jammin'
Wing Walk
Pearl Sponsorship$5,000Any 3 of the $2,000 events
Winterfest Express
Diamond Sponsorship$7,500Fireworks
Emerald Sponsorship$10,000Negotiable
Festival Naming SponsorshipNegotiable

The Syracuse Winterfest sponsorship may be shared with other sponsors to meet the desired level of media coverage that best fits your corporation.

Example: If you desire a Pearl level sponsorship at $5,000 you can sponsor five events at $1,000 apiece which would meet the Pearl sponsorship level.

For further information, contact Bill Cooper at (315) 676-2496(h) or (315) 243-2500(c) or Email: wacooper@twcny.rr.com