The 31st Annual / The Post-Standard Treasure Hunt –



Annual Treasure Hunt starts Feb. 14


The 31st Annual / The Post-Standard Treasure Hunt – Feb. 14.


The 1.5-inch plastic Treasure Hunt medallion is hidden in an area that is open to the public in Onondaga County.


If you find the medallion, you’ll win $2,000!


Look for a new clue every day in any one of these places:


  • com at
  • The Post-Standard and the ePost-Standard
  • Twitter @syracusedotcom (look for #syrtreasurehunt)
  • Facebook at


Follow the Treasure Hunt at:

  • com/syracusecom
  • Twitter @syracusedotcom  Join the conversation at #syrtreasurehunt.


A special telephone number and code are imprinted on the medallion, so only the person who finds the medallion will know how to claim the prize.


ENTER TO WIN ! Post your best Medallion Hunt photo on Instagram! Tag @SyracuseDotCom in image & copy,

and use hashtag #SyrTreasureHunt. One winner will chosen every day.


The Post-Standard/ Treasure Hunt ends when the medallion is found or at 5 p.m., Feb. 24.


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