TEAM TRIVIA FINALS Feb. 26th at Grand Ball room, Marriott Syracuse Downtown 2pm

TRIVIA FINALS, Winterfest Tournament of Champions to be held at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Downtown on Sunday, February 26. Doors open at 2pm game starts at 3pm.

Prizes will be $ cash for the first-place team, $ cash for second place, $ cash for third place. Prizes are courtesy of our sponsor, Dot Foods.

Teams qualify by competing at Syracuse Trivia locations for 7 weeks beginning January 09. Seven-week tournament is free to participate in. Learn more at

Entry fee to Tournament of Champions is $ per team and is invite only. 

Syracuse Trivia Company (

Where to play : 


Average Joe’s     Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Trapper’s Pizza Pub     Trivia starts at 7pm

World of Beer    Trivia starts at 7:00pm


Buried Acorn Brewing Company    Trivia starts at 7:00

Coleman’s Irish Pub    Trivia starts at 8:00pm

Lakehouse Pub    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Tanner Valley Golf Course    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

The Wildcat    Trivia starts at 6:45pm


Abbott’s Village Tavern    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Heritage Hill Brewhouse & Kitchen    Trivia starts at 7:00 pm

Home Team Pub    Trivia starts at 7:30

Meier’s Creek Brewing Company    Trivia starts at 6:30pm

Meier’s Creek Inner Harbor    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Shaughnessy’s Irish Pub    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Skaneateles Brewery    Trivia starts at 6:30

Stingers Pizza Pub    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Stout Beard Brewing    Trivia starts at 7:00

Willow Rock Brewing Company    Trivia starts at 7:00pm


Beer Belly Deli    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Chelsea’s    Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Full Boar Craft Brewery     Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Maxwells     Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Old Erie Golf Course     Trivia starts at 7:00pm

ONCO Fermentations     Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Polish Home    Trivia starts at 7:00

TK Tavern      Trivia starts at 7:00pm

Trappers II     Trivia starts at 6:30pm


 Happy Hour Challenge

Trivia starts at 5:15pm

Trivia Tournament FAQ

Q: How do I join the tournament?

A: Simply play trivia at one of Syracuse Trivia Company’s venues Monday-Thursday and use the same team name each week.  From January 9, 2023- February 24th. Trivia nights will be run just like usual, but now team scores will add up for seven weeks.

Q: How much does it cost to enter the tournament?

A: It’s FREE!  Every team that plays on any week is automatically entered to the tournament.  You won’t even feel it.  Tournament champions of each venue are invited (but not required) to participate in the Tournament of Champions, and there is a $50/team entry fee.

Q: Do I need to use the same team name each week?

A: Yes, if you want your scores to add up you must stick with your team name for the duration of the tournament.  No name changes allowed. Choose wisely.

Q: How many people can be on my team? 

A: Team size limits vary by location but most venues allow a maximum of 7 people. However, the Winterfest TOURNAMENT of CHAMPIONS has a maximum team size of 7 regardless of venue team size limits.

Q: Can I play by myself?

A: Yes!  It’s more fun,and your odds are better with some teammates, but solo players are always welcome, and you can play solo one week and bring 6 friends the next week.

Q: What do teams win?

A: Members of each winning team in their venue’s tournament will receive a custom medal.  Winners of the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS will receive $1,400 cash for first place, $700 cash second place, and $400 cash for third place.

Q: What is the Tournament of Champions?

A: Every tournament winning team at each Syracuse Trivia Company venue is invited to the Syracuse Winterfest Tournament of Champions being held at the Downtown Marriott hotel Grand Ballroom at 4pm on Sunday February 27th.  All the champions will compete against the best of all of Syracuse for their shot at big money!

Q: What if I miss a week or do poorly one week?

A: Every team’s lowest score is DROPPED on the final week. Obviously it’s to your advantage to make as many events as possible, but you can also miss as many as you want as well.

Q: Can we have substitutes?

A: YES! We don’t keep track of your roster, so even if none of your regular teammates can make it you can (and should) ask your friends to come play under your team name.

Q: What if my team is way behind?

A: The final week of the tournament is DOUBLE POINTS! That goes for bonus points, impossible question, and wagers- that means that the final question on the final night can be worth up to 400 points and could create an 800 point swing if the top team gets it wrong.

Q: How do I know how my team is doing in the tournament?

A: Every week, results along with tournament rankings will be posted on the blog section of your venue on our website https://syracusetrivianight/com/where

Q: What if I can’t make it to the Tournament of Champions or don’t want to go?

A: You’re under no obligation to participate in the tournament of champions. If your team wins the seven-week tournament and knows in advance that your team does not wish to participate in the Winterfest Tournament of Champions tell your host immediately and they will offer your spot to the second place team.

Q: Can I change venues part way through?

A: Yes, and no. You can play wherever whenever, however you may not transfer points from one venue to another UNLESS your original venue closed/cancelled their trivia nights. In either of those cases orphaned teams may make a one-time transfer of points to a new venue on the same day of the week.

Q: What if my venue canceled one trivia night but not all of them?

A: In the event of a randomly cancelled night that venue’s tournament will be shortened by one week. If the cancelled week was the final week an adjustment will be made to the previous rankings, dropping each team’s lowest score but NOT doubling the last week’s score. The leader after 6 weeks will be the tournament champion of that venue.

Q: Can I qualify by playing at the Happy Hour Challenge?

A: No. That game is structured differently and is a totally separate, but still very fun game.

Brian Cocca- President

Included Company LLC

Syracuse Trivia Company

Syracuse Winterfest
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